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About Us

Our Story

Myself Radhika Sarang Pande, founder of Urja Handmade Bags and Accessories introducing a range of functional bags crafted with passion and love for sewing. Urja began as a personal project to create a unique bag for myself, but quickly turned into a passion for providing sustainable bags for everyone. With each bag I made, my love for stitching and creating functional bags grew stronger. In 2018 , I started my journey as a self-taught bag maker, inspired by the sewing skills of my grandmother and the creativity of my mother. I am grateful to my strengths – husband Sarang, daughters Swara and Spruha for their unmatched support.

Crafting functional bags with great craftsmanship is my passion, and as I made more bags, I learned more with each stitch. Today, I am proud to lead team Urja, a group of enthusiastic and hard-working women committed to creating unique bags with the same passion and care that I have.

At Urja, we are not just creating beautiful bags, but we are also trying to make a difference in the lives of other women who may not have had the opportunity to explore their creativity. Our mission is to empower women, and we believe that every small step counts. ​

With team Urja by my side, I am excited to continue providing functional and sustainable products that inspire our customers to make a positive impact on the world.  

On Time Delivery

At Urja Bags, punctuality is paramount; we guarantee on-time delivery to ensure your satisfaction and convenience.

Affordable Price

At Urja Bags, style meets affordability, offering high-quality products at budget-friendly prices.

Women Empowerment

In team Urja, home makers are getting an opportunity to explore their skills and become financially independent for their dedicated work in the making of bags.

Best Material

At Urja Bags, we pride ourselves on sourcing only the finest materials, guaranteeing superior quality and durability in every product.

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